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The BEST Place for Moms LLC

Breastfeeding Education & Support Team
Supporting you in your parenting journey with expert breastfeeding help and postpartum doula services in the comfort of your home in Butte County: Chico, Paradise, Magalia, Oroville, Durham, and more.

We're able to take some PPO insurances and all United Healthcare insurances though our partnership with TLN with little to NO COST to you for your in home lactation consult!

About The BEST Place for Moms

We hope just like our town name of Paradise that our business name, The BEST Place for Moms, will be everything our name implies!

Mikalia Dyer is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) which is the highest level of certification/education that exists with lactation and also a doula. She has lived on the ridge for many years and is raising her family here. 

We offer expert breastfeeding help (lactation consults), and postpartum doula services to help you reach your breastfeeding and parenting goals and support you along the way! We can even accept some insurances for our lactation consults!

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Need breastfeeding/infant feeding help?
  • Pregnant and want one on one education and information on breastfeeding before birth?

  • Feel like you might have low milk supply or too much milk?

  • Sore nipples?

  • Possible tongue or lip tie?

  • Twins or premature baby?

  • Returning to work or school?

  • Need help finding and using the right pump or size flanges for your pump?

  • Need help with mixed feeding (formula and breastmilk)?

  • Any other feeding struggles?

Book a lactation consult in the comfort of your own home here in Butte county! We offer judgement free expert help for all your infant feeding struggles to help empower you to meet your own goals!

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“Mikalia is such an amazingly wonderful IBCLC! My youngest was having trouble gaining weight while breastfeeding and our pediatrician wasn’t as concerned as I felt he should be. I contacted Mikalia and she was able to fit me into her schedule on super short notice and spent several hours with me going over possibilities. Her explanations were wonderfully clear and she helped me put together a clear game plan. She also sent a thorough report I was able to provide to our pediatrician, and she was able to provide me with helpful videos when I was out of town and having issues.
When my baby still wasn’t improving, and refusing all bottles, she helped me trial a few alternative feeding options. When those didn’t work she advised us to head to the ER. My daughter ended up having some serious health issues that were missed by other providers, but Mikalia knew something was wrong. I ended up switching to pumping full time, and Mikalia was able to help me with finding the right pump, fitting parts, and adding gadgets for comfort as well. She is such an enormously wonderful asset to mamas and parents in general, not just for breastfeeding! She is caring, thoughtful, thorough, incredibly intelligent, and quick to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. I could not recommend her highly enough and know my daughter and I couldn’t have made it through our issues without her!”
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