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About Us

The BEST Place for Moms

We are here for all parents from pregnancy through preschool, supporting you in your parenting journey with expert breastfeeding help, classes, and mom groups in Paradise, CA at 5923 Clark Rd Suite F, across from the library.

Our Story

We hope just like our town name of Paradise that our business name, The BEST Place for Moms, will be everything our name implies!

Mikalia Dyer and Teresa Rein are both IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) which is the highest level of certification/education that exists with lactation. We have both lived on the ridge for many years and are raising our own families here.

We decided to start the BEST Place because we realized after the Camp Fire and Covid pandemic there's very little up here on the ridge to support parents and babies. We want to fill this gap and also be a part of bringing back Paradise!

We offer expert breastfeeding help (lactation consults) and mom/parenting groups to help you reach your breastfeeding and parenting goals and support you along the way! We are also planning to have mommy/parent and me classes from newborn through preschool age! We can even accept some insurances with NO COST to you for our lactation consults!

Meet The Team

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