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About Insurance

We are able to take many local insurances for our in home lactation consults with little to NO COST to you!

We work with a company called The Lactation Network and they work to get approval from your insurance. We are in-network through TLN with UnitedHealthcare for in-person consults (this includes PPO as well as HMO!) Most commonly they also take Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana PPO plans. If you get approval through TLN your home visit within a 30 minute drive of Paradise will be FREE! Small travel fee will apply for drives over 30 minutes. We only service areas in Butte county. This company can get approval for as many visits as you need with us, including seeing us while you're still pregnant to get a jump start on breastfeeding help! Please use this link to see if you will be approved through them. Once you've received approval through them you can book your appointment here on our website.

Don't have UHC, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, or Humana?

No worries, please feel free to still try the link to see if The Lactation Network will approve your insurance, they sometimes surprise us and are able to take other insurances! But if that doesn't work we offer a self-pay option and will give you a superbill to send in to your insurance company for you to get reimbursed! Just go on over to our book now and and click on self-pay initial appointment. An initial (first) appointment is $200 and a follow-up is $175 for a home visit if you are within 30 minute drive from Paradise, (Chico, Oroville, etc) a small travel fee applies to longer drives within Butte County.

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