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Lactation Consults

What is a lactation consult?
It is an appointment to get individual expert breastfeeding help. We offer lactation consults starting in pregnancy to help you get off to the best possible start!
If you are having any challenges in meeting your own breastfeeding goals, whether that is
because you are
  • struggling to get your baby to latch
  • you have sore nipples
  • concerned you don't have enough milk
  • too much milk
  • returning to work/school
  • need a flange fitting for pumping
  • suspect your baby has a tongue or lip tie
  • any other challenges
We are here to help you!

What happens during a consult?
We go over your and your baby's medical history and listen to you the mom, as the expert on your baby and your body, to better understand what's going on and how we can help. We also get a weight on the baby to see how they have grown and then usually get a before and after nursing weight to see how much milk they got when they nursed. We focus the appointment on whatever you are needing help with at the time.

How do I get an appointment and
will my insurance cover it?
We have an easy online system so you can book your appointment right here on our website, just click the book now button below and it will take you through the next steps! If you have any struggles with the online system feel free to call us at (530)287-8222 and we can help.

You might be able to have your insurance cover the costs of your consult through a company we use called The Lactation Network, that covers 100% of costs for in office appointments! Click here more information on insurance coverage. Click here to go to the TLN website to see if they will cover you.

If they don't, no problem, we can still see you, you'll just pay for your own appointment, self-pay. It's $200 for an initial (first) appointment and $175 for follow up appointments or you can get a 3 visit package for $450, which is $100 savings.
We are located in Paradise, just a short drive up the hill from Chico in Butte County, CA.
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